Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keep a parallel (butterfly – camera) always in mind

When you are taking macro photos the depth of field is very small, therefore photos of insects or objects can be easily out of focus.

If you want to get completely focused pictures of butterflies, you should always try to put the camera parallel to the wings, in that way you get the entire insect in focus, you draw two imaginary lines one in the butterfly plane you are aiming and the other in front of the lens or the camera sensor.
Parallel between camera and butterfly ventral in shot

In the ventral shot focusing in the head area will let you get the eyes, legs, wings and at least one antenna in focus, because almost always these parts of the butterfly are in the same plane.
Oxeoschistus simplex

This is especially true in ventral (completely closed wings) or dorsal (full open wings) where there are just a few millimeters in depth.

Front and ventral view of Anteros kupris

In dorsal shots I focus always in the head in that way I am framing the butterfly center and if it is fully open it should be level and you will get both wings in focus.